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Live Support & Configuration Help

A lot of healthcare organizations know they need a solid telehealth solution, but aren’t sure where to start or what level of features they need. We have included in our platform live support as well as consistent access to a consultant who can get you up and running quickly and help your telehealth platform evolve as your needs change.

Set Up & Product Guidance

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Introductory Assessment

A consultant familiar with a range of use cases will help you start quickly and walk you through a simple series of considerations to determine how your team might best use your telehealth platform.

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Workflow Accommodation

Your consultant will talk to anyone necessary to understand all your team’s workflow needs to configure features and ensure easy utilization.

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Worry-Free Technical Execution

Our team will lead the process of implementing SecureVideo’s telehealth platform for you with no development necessary on your side.

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Ongoing Support

At any time, we also include our industry-leading  24/7 U.S. based technical support.

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