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Flexible Integration into Your Workflow

Your team doesn’t need another tool that adds weight to an already heavy workflow. Our aim is to provide you with easy-to-use features that get your team delivering effective, secure telehealth sessions quickly and seamlessly.

Workflow Features

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Create digital versions of your existing forms and documents for patients to review and sign in your virtual waiting room.

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Dashboard Scheduler

Users send session invitations, monitor for patient arrival, launch sessions and more from their personalized dashboards.

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Usage Analytics

Keep track of your session history and view overall stats from your account. Usage activity can be downloaded as a PDF and filtered by date and provider.

More Features


A Business Associate Agreement is a contractual guarantee that we will safeguard your clients’ Protected Health Information (PHI) to HIPAA Technical Standards. Therefore, the legal liability from any improper handling of PHI on our part will be shifted from you, to us.

Role Based Security

Assign permissions to staff based on their role to ensure “minimum necessary” and appropriate access in accordance with HIPAA’s Privacy Rule. Roles include: Account Administrator, Videoconferencing Host, Billing Manager, Scheduler and more.

Payments & Credit Cards

Request or require payment before a session begins using Stripe. Payment may also be requested using PayPal or

Session Notes

Create, view and manage clinical notes for any session. All notes and documents are securely stored to HIPAA standards.


Automatic reminders are sent to all participants before the start of the session.


Meeting participants can RSVP "Yes" or "No" for an appointment from their session invite.

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