Secure Video

SecureVideo Works for Education & Schools

Secure, reliable and flexible for any educational use case.

"School-based telehealth is a delivery method that can be used to improve health quality and academic outcomes, and provide access to a wide spectrum of care including primary and acute care, chronic disease management, behavioral and mental health, speech therapy, dental screenings, nutritional counseling, and prevention and health education.”

American Telemedicine Association

SecureVideo Supports Education & Schools:

Secure Video

Efficiently Connect Educators, Students and Other Providers

  • Students can now reach teachers or therapists wherever they are, on-demand or by appointment.
  • Dashboard Scheduler allows providers or designated personnel to schedule appointments.
  • Provider queueing is available for on-demand school infirmary scenarios.

Secure Video

Students Receive Effective, Secure Sessions When They Need Them

  • Highest quality video, provided by Zoom.
  • Providers and schools can access 24/7 U.S. (GLOBAL) based support. 
  • Secure sessions can be used for medical and instructional purposes.

Secure Video

Students Can Fill Out Worksheets or Get Files Transferred To Them

  • Screen sharing available.
  • Annotation capability on both sides.
  • Share many types of files and media.
  • Audio on shared videos.

Secure, Reliable and Flexible for Any Educational Setting.

Medical Care

Behavioral Health

Remote Learning

Disaster Shelter

Secure Video

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