Secure Video

SecureVideo Works for Correctional Facilities

Secure, reliable and flexible for any correctional facility use case.

Secure Video

Virtual care technology saves patients time and money, reduces patient transfers, emergency department and urgent care center visits, and delivers savings to payers.

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SecureVideo Supports Correctional Facilities:

Secure Video

Inmates Get Access to Many Types of Medical Treatment Without the Need for Transport

  • Provider queueing allows a user to make quick on-demand requests to a specialty group of providers.
  • Patient queueing allows patients to self-schedule on-demand or future visits.
  • Easy dashboard scheduling allows provider or designated personnel to make appointments.

Secure Video

Ensure Effective Sessions & Get Support When You Need It

  • Highest quality video, provided by Zoom ensures the provider has clearest view to aid in remote diagnosis.
  • Facilities or providers can access 24/7 U.S. based support. 
  • Expert live configuration help.

Secure Video

Features Designed for the Types of Collaboration & Workflow Necessary in a Correctional Facility

  • Starts sessions remotely from one side when necessary.
  • Role Based Security allows different levels of permissions from different users.

Secure Video

Get Started Faster With Less Risk

Start today with one use case, see the benefits, and scale or change smartly over time.

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