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The Easiest & Fastest Path to Telehealth

Secure Video

Secure, Flexible, and Reliable Cloud-Based Telehealth

Best-In-Class, High Quality Video

Robust session tools and the highest quality video on our cloud-based HIPAA compliant platform

Configurable For Your Workflows

Intuitive workflow integration features that your staff will easily master

Live Support And Configuration Help

Experts to help you now and throughout your care delivery journey

Take the Headache Out of Telehealth

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The Only Quick-Start Program in the Industry

  • Helps you start immediately and and grow over time.
  • Start with a single use case or workflow and change or scale easily.
  • Learn from fast implementations so your team can master your Telehealth workflow.

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We're Here for You. All Day & Night

Our unlimited, 24/7 support ensures:

  • Your providers and patients get the most reliable and high quality video available.
  • Your IT department always has someone available for troubleshooting.
  • Your organization receives quick assistance with our dedicated U.S. based Support team.

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