• First Responder

SecureVideo offers a ground-breaking, HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing platform that was built from the ground up and designed to meet the needs of EMTs, police, and other first responders. It incorporates the best video software available and we provide phone support everyday around the clock.

About First Responders

Stay Connected

Our First Responder platform is an always-on connection between a First Responder’s device and queues of remote providers for on-demand sessions. This same platform can also be used to schedule upcoming sessions.

Set Up

We help you configure the platform on your devices, be it a computer, tablet, or smart phone. Setting up the platform usually takes only a few minutes and requires no technical expertise on your end. We help you assign permissions to your staff and create queues of your remote providers. You can easily make changes and additions later on.


The First Responder makes the request to either a specific remote provider or a selected group queue of multiple providers, including any applicable notes. Once a request has been accepted, the First Responder enters the provider’s waiting room and waits for the provider to start the call.

Business Associate Agreement

To prove your compliance. A Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is a contractual guarantee that we will safeguard your clients’ Protected Health Information (PHI) to HIPAA Technical Standards. Therefore, the legal liability from any improper handling of PHI on our part will be shifted from you, to us.

  • First Responder Experience

  • Connect with queues of logged-in mental health and medical providers on mobile devices over 4G networks.
  • Request a specific provider or send a note to all providers in a special group queue.
  • Once the provider responds, click “Enter Waiting Room” to meet face to face.
    The note to the queue disappears once a meeting request is accepted.
  • Provider Experience

  • Providers can use computers, tablets or phones to receive consult requests from first responders.
  • Receive requests from First Responders through email or SMS messaging.
  • Once the request is accepted, the provider clicks “Enter Meeting” to video chat with the first responder.
  • Administration

  • The administrative role can create, manage and delete users through an intuitive system on the account.
  • Define relationships between varying first responders and their specialized provider queue.
  • Easily manage branding, billing and other account activity.

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