If you have a network firewall, please be sure to whitelist the following rules, depending on whether you are using Zoom or VSee with SecureVideo.

Zoom Firewall Rules

allow outbound TCP 80 and TCP 443 to (*.securevideo.com, zoom.us, *.zoom.us, and *.pubnub.com)

allow outbound (TCP 443, TCP 8801-8802, UDP 3478-3479, and UDP 8801-8810) to (,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

*If you plan to use SecureVideo’s HIPAA-compliant recording feature, or meet with an organization which uses that feature, please contact us at [email protected] for additional firewall rules.

**If you would like to receive notifications when additional IP ranges are available, please sign up for our IP address changes announcement list.

VSee Firewall Rules

allow outbound (TCP 5222 and TCP 443) to (talk.vsee.com, xmpp01.vsee.com, xmpp02.vsee.com, and xmpp03.vsee.com)

allow outbound (UDP 6000 and TCP 443 and TCP 80) to (cl-relay.vsee.com, usw01-rel.vsee.com, usw02-rel.vsee.com, use01-rel.vsee.com, use02-rel.vsee.com, jp01-rel.vsee.com, euw01-rel.vsee.com, and euw02-rel.vsee.com)

allow outbound (UDP 6000 and UDP 3478) to (stun01.vsee.com, stun02.vsee.com, stun-map01.vsee.com, stun-map02.vsee.com)

allow outbound (TCP 443 and TCP 80) to (*.securevideo.com, vsee.com, api.vsee.com, client.vsee.com, my.vsee.com, *.pubnub.com, cloudfront.vsee.com, vseeactiveapi.firebaseio.com, mq-aws-us-east-1.iron.io, s3.amazonaws.com, bw.vsee.com)

For best performance, allow inbound UDP 6000 from all hosts