Your DNS is Cached

On December 3, we changed the IP address for our videoconferencing portal, but it looks like something on your end is trying to reach the old one. If your browser or computer is caching (i.e., accessing a saved copy of the old IP address), the below suggestions should help you.

If your internet provider has cached the old IP address, the below unfortunately will not help. Although most internet providers clear their cache within 24 hour cycles, you may need to switch to another internet network (if available, such as a mobile hotspot) until they have done so.

Clear Browser Cache

Please see Refresh Your Cache for browser-specific instructions. (You don’t need to delete your cookies or history.)

Clear Computer Cache

Please see this documentation on clearing your computer’s DNS cache for operation system-specific instructions. Restarting your computer will also refresh your computer’s DNS cache; it just takes slightly longer.