• Virtual Clinic Plan

Virtual Clinic is a revolutionary new videoconferencing platform for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other facilities that need a one-click connection with a queue(s) of remote providers.

About Virtual Clinic

Virtual Clinic vs. Enterprise Plan

Our Enterprise plan requires that a provider create a session by inviting participants. The Virtual Clinic platform is an always-on connection between a device at a medical facility and queues of remote providers. The Virtual Clinic platform can also be used to schedule sessions, like the Enterprise plan.

Set Up

We help you configure the platform on a device, which can be your computer or our optional iPad-on-Wheels. Your remote providers use their own standard computers, tablets or phones. Setting up the platform usually takes only a few minutes and requires no technical expertise on your end. We help you assign permissions to your staff and create queues of your remote providers. You can easily make changes and additions later on.

Business Associate Agreement

To prove your compliance. A Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is a contractual guarantee that we will safeguard your clients’ Protected Health Information (PHI) to HIPAA Technical Standards. Therefore, the legal liability from any improper handling of PHI on our part will be shifted from you, to us.


An authorized staff member makes a request of either a specific remote provider, or any provider within a selected group, including any applicable notes. Once a request has been accepted, the staff member enters the provider’s waiting room and follows the organization’s clinical protocols. The remote provider chooses when to start the session once the patient arrives in the waiting room.

Notifications on the go

Providers can choose to receive a text message when they have received a request.

Mobile Video Station

Our optional mobile video station is an affordable, practical way to equip your facility. It comes pre-configured and, with anti-bacterial screen protection and smooth surfaces, it’s portable, easy to store, and easy to clean.

Virtual Waiting Room and Office Tools

How SecureVideo Works

SecureVideo offers a HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing platform that can be accessed from most computers, tablets and smart phones that have cameras and an internet connection. The system is designed to simulate brick and mortar workflows for providers, patients and administrators.

  • Provider Experience

  • Log into the account created for you by your organization’s adminstrator.
  • Control the start and stop of sessions and work efficiently
  • Indicate your status in the queue as available or unavailable
  • Medical Staff Experience

  • Escort the patient to the videoconference computer, or bring our mobile video station to the patient’s room
  • Staff can select a provider and initiate a session with one-click
  • Option for staff to select “Next Available” from a queue of logged-in providers
  • Administration

  • We help you set up remote provider accounts and assign permissions to your staff
  • Easily brand your account or use our API for deeper integration with your system
  • Platform offered on a “Device License” basis

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