• Videoconferencing API

SecureVideo’s RESTful API allows organizations to white label our HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing solution, but still take advantage of our efficient workflows and 24/7 support. By using our videoconferencing API, you can easily integrate our core functionality using standard HTTP methods.

About API

Single-sign on

As long as your users are logged into your own website, they don’t need to log into SecureVideo separately.

Session management

You can use your own calendar, session scheduler, or reporting system to manage sessions.

User management

Create, edit, or delete users.

Participant management

Create, edit, or delete participant contacts, and add or remove participants from sessions.

Virtual Waiting Room and Office Tools

How SecureVideo Works

SecureVideo offers a HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing platform that can be accessed from most computers, tablets and smart phones that have cameras and an internet connection. The system is designed to simulate brick and mortar workflows for providers, patients and administrators.

  • Provider Experience

  • Log into the account created for you by your organization’s adminstrator.
  • Schedule and launch sessions from our simple, intuitive Dashboard.
  • Control the start / stop of sessions and work efficiently
  • Patient Experience

  • Join sessions by clicking a link in an email sent by the provider
  • Wait for session to start in provider’s virtual waiting room
  • Necessary video software automatically downloads the first time entering a provider’s waiting room
  • Administration

  • Receive API access keys and implement our RESTful API
  • Month-to-month or longer term contracts available
  • SecureVideo can provide technical support for developers, providers, and patients

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