• Cloud Recorder

Designed for medical education and research, our Cloud Recorder is an easy, secure way to create, store and retrieve recordings.


Easy Set-Up and Maintenance

We work with your team during set up to help you configure permissions according to your needs, but future changes can easily be done through your team’s own Administrative user accounts. Cloud Recorder automatically updates itself, no maintenance required.

Simple to Use

Our intuitive user interface is easy for non-technical, infrequent Users. All controls feel familiar, so that even a first time user will be comfortable launching and retrieving recordings.

Secure Storage

All recordings are automatically stored in our HIPAA-Compliant cloud.

Retrieval and Review

Our portal makes it easy to find and playback recordings. You can search by date, creator, title, plus even more actions for audits and reports. You can use our bookmarks and add notes for key moments. Users given permission can view recordings securely from their SecureVideo account. Users can even stream recordings in near real-time, with a delay of less than one minute.

Retention and Deletion

You set the rule for how long recordings should be stored. You can always make exceptions to the rules for any given recording.

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