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Texas Senate Bill Eases Telemedicine Restrictions

Significant legislation concerning Telemedicine and Telehealth Services was enacted in Texas when Governor Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 1107 into law on May 27, 2017. The bill removes one of the most significant hurdles for Telemedicine in the state, which is the requirement for a pre-established doctor-patient relationship. In other words, having met in-person before using virtual […]

Telemedicine: The Future of Healthcare

Telehealth is a way of delivering medical and educational services via virtual technology. With recent advents in technology, along with the increased usage of internet connected mobile devices, Telehealth has become an effective way to enhance the delivery of health and educational services to patients around the world. In particular, Telemedicine is the application of […]

Videoconferencing Technology Reduces Hospital Readmission Rates

Telecommunication tactics are transforming our healthcare platforms. More specifically, using HIPAA compliant videoconferencing to create virtual clinics has majorly opened up the way healthcare is delivered. It does so by creating one centralized, easy to access platform which can integrate with existing EHRs to store patients’ electronic health information. One specific area: Remote patient monitoring […]

Using Telehealth to Tackle Opioid Addiction in America

The bad news is in: opioids are killing twice as many people each year in the United States than firearm and motor vehicle-related deaths combined. The numbers are truly staggering and they are climbing each year. In the past 20 years, over 300,000 people have died from opioids in the United States. Unfortunately, while the government has made […]

Telehealth Technology Transforms Healthcare

Video conferencing technologies are rapidly gaining traction in the United States as a way to improve access to medical care and reduce rising healthcare costs. Integration of innovative technological tactics, such as Telemedicine and remote patient monitors is already underway as providers and politicians are hopeful this technology will steer healthcare reform in a direction that benefits patients and […]

Physical Therapists in These 10 States Need to See This

The Physical Therapy Licensure Compact introduced in 2014 has just met the requirements it needs to allow licensed PTs to provide care across these state boundaries. These are the ten states currently in the compact: – Oregon (The first state to join!) – Arizona – Kentucky – Mississippi – Missouri – Montana – North Dakota […]

Texas Senate Bill Tackles Huge Telemedicine Hurdle

After a six-year conflict between the Texas Medical Board and Teladoc, Texas lawmakers just removed a state rule requiring providers to have a face-to-face consultation before providing telemedicine services. This changes the game for residents in who and how those patients access healthcare. [BACKGROUND] In 2011, the Texas Medical Board sent a letter to Teledoc […]

The House Passed the AHCA with a 217-213 vote, now what?

The Affordable Care Act that brought health coverage to millions of uninsured Americans is now being threatened by the GOP’s plan to Repeal & Replace. Under this new plan, our current law requiring insurers to accept all applicants, (at the same rates regardless of pre-existing conditions) is in the talks of being rolled back while […]

What You Need in a HIPAA-Compliant Video Platform

Deciding on what to look for when starting a Telehealth solution may seem simple. All you need is video, right? Wrong. That’s why Skype, Facetime, and many other video solutions will never work. High quality video is the most basic need in a video solution, but it’s definitely not the only one. It is as […]

Trumpcare | Where Does Telehealth Stand?

A lot can be said about the GOP’s plan to repeal the ACA, but what can we expect from these changes? And how does it affect Telehealth as we know it? Image from Vocativ. Prior to election, Donald Trump had announced a 10-point plan to reform the VA. In his speech, he highlighted a need […]