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U.S. Cities Barometric Pressure Variation, Full List

In a previous article, Avoiding Migraines Resulting from Changes in Barometric Pressure, we used pressure-induced migraines as an example of why a clinician might choose to relocate from their client base, and therefore need a videoconferencing service to continue meeting with patients. As part of the example, we shared lists of US cities with the least […]

Saving Fiddler Responses To Disk

Fiddler is a fantastic tool that allows developers and IT professionals to see what’s happening under the hood when a web page is requested by a user.  Somewhat simplified, when a user visits a web page, whether she knows it or not, she is using the HTTP protocol to request a web resource, and then […]

Avoiding Migraines Resulting from Changes in Barometric Pressure

So…what do Migraine Headaches induced by Barometric Pressure have to do with A lot, if you’re a clinician who suffers from these nasty pressure-induced Migraines, and you’re considering relocating away from your client base. I was recently talking to one of our new clinicians, and we discovered that we both happen to suffer from […]

Skype and Microsoft: a HIPAA nightmare Heise Security, a top German internet security firm, has done some research that will be somewhat frightening to Skype users, especially those who believe their Skype sessions retain any promise of privacy. A recent H-online article detailed research showing that Microsoft servers are programmed to visit HTTPS (SSL) URLs typed into the Skype instant […]

How to make a High Quality Videoconference

By Jonathan (JT) Taylor, Chief Technology Officer From a human perspective, a good videoconference is similar to a good movie.  In a good movie, there is a “suspension of disbelief”, whereby the viewer–initially well aware of being seated in a movie theater and thus disbelieving of the reality of images appearing on the screen–eventually […]