SecureVideo Safe from the Heartbleed Bug

Posted April 9, 2014

The Heartbleed Bug, with its suitably ominous name, is a vulnerability in an open-source software called OpenSSL. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s an incredibly popular encryption software used by default in Apache and nginx web server applications, which in turn are used by about two-thirds of the internet, including Yahoo!, Eventbrite, and Flickr.

Thankfully, uses IIS as our web server, so our customers’ usernames, passwords, and any other encrypted data were protected from this security loophole.

For more information about what the Heartbleed bug is and how you might have been affected on other sites, you can check out Here’s How To Protect Yourself From The Massive Security Flaw That’s Taken Over The Internet. Many major services have either already updated or are in the process of updating their sites, but if you’d like to test whether or not a website is currently vulnerable, you can enter the URL into the Heartbleed Test.


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