• HIPAA-Compliant

    An affordable way to create your virtual office.

Why Secure Video

Right Workflow

A successful telehealth solution is more than just a HIPAA-compliant video stream. SecureVideo was built from the ground up to meet the workflow requirements of medical professionals and allow patients to enter virtual waiting rooms with one-click.

24/7 Support

Recognizing the wide range patient and provider technical abilities, we designed our system for reliability and simplicity. To ensure comfort with the system, SecureVideo is also proud to offer an industry-leading 24/7 tech support team.

HIPAA Compliant

SecureVideo offers pricing plans to meet the needs of any medical provider or organization, including solo practitioners, clinics, provider networks, hospitals and large health systems. We are the most affordable option for a full-featured solution.

No Contracts

Billing is month-to-month by credit card, so you can cancel any time. (Invoicing available by special request).

Wide Equipment Support

Use SecureVideo on Windows and Mac computers, iPhones, iPads and iPad minis, and Android phones. View full list of compatible equipment and operating systems.


Our robust features are priced to meet your needs, whether a large organization or a single individual.

We Offer Multiple Plans

Multi-User Basic

The Multi-User Basic Plan is designed for organizations that want to video-enable their own clinicians. The SecureVideo system offers a professional and HIPAA-compliant way to teleconference with patients. Learn more.

Virtual Clinic

The Virtual Clinic Plan is designed to connect patients in medical facilities with remote providers. Using pre-configured devices, patients or facility staff can request sessions from a queue of logged-in providers, using a single click. Learn more.


Our videoconferencing API allows you to integrate SecureVideo’s functionality directly into your own web application, using our application programming interface (API). An API allows one software program to talk to and exchange data with another software program. Learn more.

Individual PLUS

The Individual PLUS Plan is designed for clinicians to incorporate videoconferencing into their practice. The SecureVideo system offers a professional and HIPAA-compliant way to teleconference with patients. Learn more.

Individual Free

The Individual Free Plan is perfect for testing clinical videoconferencing with patients unable to come into the office. The SecureVideo system offers a free way to occasionally teleconference with patients that is more professional and secure than Skype. Year-round 24/7 technical support makes this plan easy for patients and practitioners. Learn more.